Meet TibeYOGA


She is definitely a familiar face and she will be doing the TibeYOGA(The Five Tibetan Exercises and Tibetan Yoga class) .


" I'm from Tokyo,Japan. I always loved nature and art .After becoming a musical actress I settled a little bit down on the classic ballet but always kept on Ancient Buddhist Teachings on the philosophy and Practice of The FIVE Tibetan Exercises and Tibetan YOGA.

I came to TV and narration work to documentary
, leaving that life start to share TibeYOGA

Now I started practicing TibeYOGA every day, and I ve found myself and my true nature, I am so much happier and I feel so much more connected that I decided to learn to share this magic of TibeYOGA, so here I am!!


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We have a TiBEYoga class at Hiroo,Shinjyuku,Kagurazaka in TOKYO.

Shinmastudo and Shinyahashira at Matsudo ciyu in Chiba Everyweek.